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Trading 2SD Opening Gaps Mastery Class

Trading 2SD Opening Gaps Mastery Class

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Adrian Manz has created an Opening Gap Mastery Class that takes your understanding and skillset of how to trade opening gaps at an entirely new level of reliability. To harness the potential profitability of statistically significant opening gaps, traders need to take a deep dive into this powerful trading tactic. Adrian has delivered a four-hour course that will make you a better first-hour trader in less time than anyone previously thought possible.  

Adrian raises the bar for trader education, delivering a completely developed bread-and-butter strategy for you. In this course you’ll receive:  

  • A brief recap of how to construct the statistical model and how it functions. 
  • A complete explanation of all the criteria that constitute a valid entry. 
  • The conservative “textbook 1-2-3 morning reversal”. 
  • The “Flip Top” reversal.  
  • The “Trap Door” reversal. 
  • The aggressive “first bar closing reversal” 
  • A completely developed methodology for establishing logical targets. 
  • A completely developed methodology for establishing logical stops. 
  • Live narratives by Adrian of trades as they unfold so that you can fully grasp the logic for every one of his entry and exit decisions. 
  • 180-day access to a new proprietary scanner that is not tied to any broker and puts you squarely in front of the best opportunity for profits each and every trading day. 
  • 180 days of LIVE coaching in our morning mentoring room with experts who use the strategies daily.  


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